Work in Accpron

A concept for existing and future employees


You are

You represent the finest in ROV craftsmanship. We want to help you get even better.

We have a life-long goal of keeping our co-workers inspired. We want to motivate, inspire and engage you, and to make sure that your are willing to work hard, develop and accomplish new things.

The work? The knowledge? The idea of being one of a select few who are called upon when time is of the essence, and quality cannot be compromised?

We are known for great service. We are renowned for our craftsmanship.

You want to get better. You want to rise through the ranks. We want to give you that opportunity. Through 3-year development plans and dedicated career coaches, everything is in place for you to realize your potential. Specialize. Diversify. Become a leader.

Through hard work and steady dedication to the Accpron cause will be rewarded. We want talented people to stick around, so we offer a loyalty bonus. We want talented people to get even better, so we offer a next career-level bonus. We encourage learning, so we offer a knowledge bonus.